Training Sessions

At certain times we offer free training sessions to parents and carers on the below topics. After each session, we will offer you free 1-2-1 support with the people who carry out the training. Please get in touch via the email below for dates.

Sensory Diets and Sensory Circuits

This training is given by Honor Coombs who is a special educational needs and disability consultant who provides training advice for those who support children or adults with additional needs. The session will last around 2 hours long.

A sensory diet helps children with sensory processing issues which you can carry out at home with your child. Although the name may suggest otherwise, this has nothing to do with the food your child eats. This is recognised by occupational therapists who can make a sensory diet suited to your child’s specific needs.

A sensory circuit is a short, sensory motor skills session usually lasting around 10-15 minutes (although to start with, 5 minutes might be more beneficial), which helps to set children up for the school day. The activities are designed to improve the efficiency of the brain processing and it’s found that it’s a great way to start the school day.

Intensive Interaction

This training will be carried out by Janet Gurney who is the director of training at ‘Us in a Bus’. Janet has over 25 years of experience of working with people whose learning disabilities and complex needs can present barriers to communication. The session is a full day lasting from 9:30am – 3:30pm with breaks for lunch etc.

Intensive Interaction is a natural and instinctive way of engaging with people (of whatever age!) who find the social and communicative world to be a challenge. Often the barrier when trying to support a child who may have complex learning disabilities and/or autism is that he or she just doesn’t seem interested in connecting with us. Without that engagement, of course, we don’t have a foundation to build on. Intensive Interaction introduces us to a way of building those foundations, at the child’s pace and based on what they are already showing us.

This workshop will look at the basic theory of Intensive Interaction (why does it seem so natural?) and then explore all the practical things we need to consider to make our use of it as effective and confident as possible. We will discuss sensory processing issues and how we need to make sure we are considering these so that we lay the groundwork for the child to explore engagement, connection and their communicative potential – and have fun in the process!

For more information about dates and times, please email [email protected]